Will Soccer Ever Become a Major Sport in the United States of America?

While soccer has been around for many years, particularly in the European states, one wonders if it will ever have the major success in the United States of America.  When you think of the great soccer players like Pele and David Beckham, one thing comes to mind.  That these athletes are as passionate about their sport of soccer betting cara daftar sbobet as any major league baseball players, football players, or basketball players in the United States.… read more


The Most Famous Soccer Player You Never Heard Of

Soccer can rightfully claim to be the most popular sport in the world. While American Football rules in the United States, the rest of the world follows their version of football, which Americans refer to as soccer. Soccer has dozens of great athletes, both past and present, whose names are instantly recognizable to millions of fans all over the globe. Mention the Brazilian player Pele almost anywhere in the world, and nearly everyone will know whom you’re referring to. Other players like England’s David Beckham have reached a height of celebrity and wealth that almost no athlete in any sport can compete with.


Players like Ronaldo, Zidane, Maradona, Lionel Messi, and dozens of others have become household names in every corner of the Earth, but there’s one name that doesn’t ring a bell with soccer fans like Cristiano Ronaldo or Raul Gonzale would: Franz Beckenbauer is the most famous soccer player you never heard of.


Born in 1945, Beckenbauer is probably the greatest German soccer player in history. Along with Mario Zagallo, Beckenbauer is one of only two men to have won a World Cup as a player and again as a manager. Beckenbauer has had a profound influence on the way today’s soccer game is played, and is credited by many with inventing the modern method of playing the position of sweeper. A sweeper is a player that roams defensively in front of his own goalie, but also is fundamental in distributing the soccer ball upfield to his teammates when they shift to offense.

.… read more